A history of success

Founded in 2007, MRG, is an international consultancy focused on leadership appointments across real estate and facilities management, development and infrastructure.

Through services including executive search, leadership development and assessment, we support global businesses and iconic institutions across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Our group includes numerous complimentary micro niche recruitment businesses, each dedicated to excellence in specific markets and job functions.

A people-centred culture

We are focused on developing our people into experts who can bring meaningful market experience to our assignments. We work hard to create a culture where our people bring their true selves to work, and to operate with the freedom they need to perform at the highest level.

Our values – Inventive, Inclusive, Forensic and Relentless – are at the core of this people-centred culture. That culture is driving our rapid growth and continued success.

We’re proud to have created a fantastic and unique team, one that can really benefit our clients and candidates in the hiring journey.

A Data-Driven Process

Our recruitment processes are unique and play a vital role in why we’re chosen by the biggest and best-known companies in our sector. We believe it’s our responsibility, as a recruiter, to be objective, data-led and watertight in everything we do. So our process is designed to empower clients to make unbiased hiring decisions.

It’s never fixed or inflexible – senior-level recruitment can’t be. It’s rigorous and objective by design – eliminating risks and maximising opportunities. Ultimately, it replaces instinctive decision-making with transparent, systematised methods. Time and again, it results not only in more diverse workplaces – but more successful ones.