Interim Executives

Bring a lifetime of experience into your projects

Brandenburger Tor, Germany

A community of experts

MRG Interim Executives is a community of experienced, high-calibre consultants spanning the fields of real estate, development and construction, estates and facilities management, hospitality, HR and OD, and bids and work-winning.

Our associates, available on a flexible basis, have honed their skills, knowledge and approach over long consultancy careers, encompassing a diverse variety of organisations and industries. This makes them ideally placed to help private and public sector organisations to plot a course through an ever-changing and complex economic and political landscape.

Services provided by our associates include interim management, participation in interview panels, strategy development advice and consultancy, project support, organisational development reviews, governance and assurance support, and coaching and mentoring. Our associates can be retained on a bespoke and flexible basis – offering tailored solutions, without delay.

If you’re struggling to find the specialist skillsets you need or to move important projects forward, our interim executive service is a tried and tested solution.

Elite Experience

Our Associates are leaders in their fields, having shaped strategies within the world’s biggest organisations. You get fast and flexible access to an exceptional level of knowledge.

Total Flexibility

There’s no long-term commitment or rigid process in accessing all this experience, regardless of whether you need support for one small project or on a fixed-term basis.

Rapid Turnarounds

This service is built to ensure you get the support you need when you need it. You can start working with exceptionally qualified experts with a minimum of fuss.