To complement our recruitment services, MRG introduces our new strategic consultancy offering; MRG Consult, which encompasses both professional development and employer branding services.

In a landscape that’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving, professionals and businesses are required to constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge to stay ahead and to craft strategies to keep talented professionals in their roles.

Our in-depth industry expertise, combined with our existing relationships and understanding of the specific challenges faced by professionals and organisations, sets us apart from generic providers.

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Our values


We thrive on developing innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers. We actively foster creativity and adaptability in an ever-evolving landscape.


Our approach is deliberately open, fair and objective, guided by the principles of growth and improvement. We embrace diverse perspectives because we know they enrich leaders and businesses.


Our forensic approach extends to the meticulous analysis and assessment of leaders, teams and the brands we work with. We delve deep into the details, conducting thorough research to uncover insights and opportunities that are often overlooked.


Being relentless means going the extra mile to ensure leaders, teams and brands stand out and achieve their goals. It’s about overcoming obstacles and tirelessly working towards growth.


Mark has a wonderful ability to blend humility, an open and positive style and seasoned business judgement, to deliver well rounded and strong people outcomes.

Tony Brown, Global Head of Real Estate, M&G Real Estate

Charlotte’s covered so many sectors, which means she knows recruitment inside out, but she’s also, at her core, an innately brilliant marketer with an eye for campaigns that cut through. From my experience, people with that genuine mix of recruitment and branding expertise are rare, making her such an exceptional consultant in this space.

Jack Stratten, Head of Trends, Insider Trends

I have enjoyed working with Charlotte on many projects. I watched her work her magic, often revolutionising an organisation’s employer branding strategy seamlessly integrating it into their overall corporate narrative. Charlotte and her teams would craft a branding strategy that was authentic to the organisational culture and resonated with the target candidate market. Her results would speak for themselves.

Laura Van Zyl, Managing Director, Nuwe Consulting