We try really hard to be the best at what we do. We think of ourselves as innovators and change makers.

We are process and data led – but above all else, we are people focused. Our people drive our success, and are the reason that we are now in a phase of rapid and ambitious growth.

Bring your whole self to work

We focus on creating an environment where everyone can bring their whole selves to work.

It’s an environment that nurtures creativity and ambition, and the perfect foundation for success. It is no coincidence that our most successful people are also our most committed, considerate and collaborative. These ingredients are at the core of our brilliant teams.

55 %
Female employees
15 %
of our employees are part-time working parents
Years is the average tenure of service of our employees
of our employees have been trained as mental health first aiders

A collaborative culture

We build teams full of genuine team players – a quality that’s too often under-valued.

Our teams work on assignments in joint-venture, share clients, work together in business improvement groups, and frequently collaborate to keep our social impact in focus.

Great team results are the product of bringing together brilliant individual performances and constantly learning from each other. At MRG, this is part of our DNA.

Our commitment to our own people:

We have worked very hard as a business to create an inclusive environment where staff can bring their ‘whole self’ to work. We believe that it brings the best out in our people and is a key part of our success.

We have been a pioneer of true flexibility for many years – even from before the pandemic. We are 100% focused on our people’s performance and results rather than micromanaging the when, how, or where of their work habits. It’s no coincidence that we chose WeWork for our HQ; it represents our personality, and it suits our ethos of flexibility. It’s an ethos built around well-being and mental health and truly understanding the difference that a supportive workplace can make.

But this only works when it’s underpinned by brilliant process and service, something we’ve had at our core since the business was established 15 years ago.

We are proud that there isn’t another business like MRG in our industry. We wouldn’t be who we are as a business if we didn’t let our team be who they are as people.


What we look for

We’re interested in people from a range of backgrounds and experience levels. You may be embarking on your career or an established professional. You may have two years’ experience in industry or ten years’ experience in HR.

For us it’s more about the job you can do than the jobs you have done. We recruit for potential based on behavioural traits and create a blend of experience in our teams that drives a kaleidoscope of ideas.

There are no barriers at MRG. We’re inclusive by design, and we know from experience that diverse workplaces are happier, healthier and more successful.

We’re expanding rapidly, both in the UK and globally – and actively looking to bring the right people into our teams. View our latest opportunities below, and get in touch if anything sparks your interest.