Our Shared Values


We love finding new ways to solve issues unique to every assignment. That’s because we’re inventive. We actively encourage new ideas and embrace change.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever challenges you face that are unique to your region, your market and your business, our deep understanding of recruitment and our inventiveness are what help us find new answers to your most difficult questions.


We believe that diverse perspectives make for better teams and better businesses. That’s why our approach to recruitment is open, fair and objective.

This hasn’t happened by accident, we’re inclusive by design. We’ve undertaken Unconscious Bias training and the MRG Matrix system eliminates bias from our process.


We are forensic in our approach to candidate assessment and analysis and are obsessed with detail. From robust briefings to exhaustive research, we look for the critical details that others may miss.

We are process-driven and data-led, always searching for evidence to back up what we believe, and willing to share our learning across our global teams to ensure no insight is wasted.


Search and Selection is rarely easy. Being relentless is about doing the hard yards to get an assignment to the right conclusion. It’s about overcoming challenges.

Ultimately, it means we are driven by enthusiasm, energy and pride in the work we do.