What it’s like working at MRG

“Why do you want to work here?” is one of the more common interview questions, but rarely do candidates ask “Why should I work for you?”, but they should.

We think working at The Management Recruitment Group is pretty great, and here’s why.

Our Entrepreneurial Spirit

Working at MRG means you will be encouraged to discover and develop your own opportunities. The board proactively encourages and supports Consultants to discover new business areas for them to develop and build. We take a tailored approach to development and every individual has their own business and training plans – this approach has resulted in 4 of our consultants being promoted in 2021.

“Throughout my career with MRG, I have always been continually encouraged to progress and develop with clear milestones for increased responsibility and promotion. Each consultant has defined sector responsibility, allowing them to become a market leader within their chosen field and as such provide sector expertise and advice to clients and candidates alike.

In 2019, I took the opportunity to develop a new market for MRG and now lead the public sector property division. I was able to utilise my experience within the private sector and work closely with our public sector teams whilst always having the autonomy and flexibility to develop the division as I felt best.

Our senior leadership team create individual training and development plans for each consultant with their personal ambitions in mind, whilst providing continued mentorship and support day to day.”

Stephanie Howe, Business Sector Director


We Endorse Flexible Working

Whilst the majority of the UK team work from our London office, we have Consultants located from Brighton to Manchester. MRG recognises the importance of working in a way that works for you and balances your work / home-life.

“MRG were very accommodating when I opted to return to work, after maternity leave, part-time. The flexible working at MRG lets me work from home when childcare is an issue and the technology enables me to do my job well, wherever my location.

The autonomy of managing my own workload ensures that this flexible working approach succeeds. On top of this, the culture of collaboration within the team has allowed me to keep working within my market and with the same clients while on a part-time schedule.”

Charlotte Turedi, Associate Director

Our most recent office move saw us move into a WeWork. Not only does this give us a central base but also means we can work from any WeWork, which is very convenient for many of us. WeWork also provide different areas for you to work from so if you need a change of scenery when making calls, or want to find a quiet space to get your head down, there’ll be somewhere for you.

The business is also growing, both in the UK and internationally. We already have a team in Malaysia, and are always looking for Country Managers in new territories, such as Singapore, North America and The Middle East.


Our Staff Stick Around

The UK’s recruitment industry has a 43% turnover rate, compared to the 15% national average. However, the same can’t be said for MRG – on average our staff stay for 6.5 years. We believe we create an environment which encourages drive, but doesn’t create an overly competitive or micro-managed culture.

“I’ve been with MRG for 12 years now and I truly feel like part of a family. Whilst my role has changed over the years, one thing that has stayed the same is the level of respect that everyone has for each other and the value we place in each team member’s experience and attributes. The maturity of the staff means that there is trust amongst colleagues and I am empowered by the autonomy I receive.

My personal life, goals and priorities are different today to what they were in 2009, yet MRG allow me to constantly shape my role to suit them. From having my son to developing the Bid Recruitment brand, I love having a career that offers me security and constant enjoyment.”

Laura Turner, Associate Director


We Prioritise our Culture

MRG is a diverse and rich mix of people. We work collaboratively on projects, whilst supporting each other’s individual development. We’ve all heard the cliché ‘Work hard, play hard’, we can confidently say though that whilst we work hard, we also enjoy each other’s company and this is encouraged through regular team and company socials. We also recognise there is always room for improvement and are currently developing our company culture to be relevant in the post-Covid environment.

“I joined MRG because I found it to be a forward-thinking business that works closely with their clients in partnership to find the solution that works best for them.  As we’re not rigid in our approach I feel empowered to tailor my services to what is required. 

At MRG I can do things the way they should be done to get the results my clients want, not just the way things have always been done.  Upon joining, the team were very welcoming and it’s exciting to be working with such a successful group.”

Christopher Mackenzie, Business Director


We’re always looking for Researchers and Consultants to join MRG, so drop us a message at talk@mrgpeople.co.uk if you would like to join the MRG team.

Right now, we are also keen to hear from:

  • Individuals based outside of the UK, to expand our International business. Get in touch with matt.evans@mrgpeople.co.uk if this sounds like you.
  • Consultants with experience in the education sector, to further build on our already successful Schools area of the business. Get in touch with hayley.mintern@mrgpeople.co.uk to find out more.
  • Consultants interested in joining the Bids Recruitment team, a niche growing sector. We are open to hearing from individuals with a range of experience. Get in touch with daniel.higgins@bidrecruitment.co.uk to find out more.
  • Trainee Consultants (who want to work in the Senior Appointments field and are looking for a vehicle to get into Recruitment talk@mrgpeople.co.uk


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