We are Different by Design.

Over the last 6 weeks, we’ve been introducing you to our new brand and explain why we think we are truly different by design. A lot of business like to think they are different from their competitors but in such a commoditised market, few rarely are or can articulate what makes them different.

We sat down with Charlotte Rush who started working with MRG as a Brand Consultant a year ago to find out why she believes we are truly ‘Different by Design’.

So Charlotte tell us why you initially started working with MRG

MRG’s CEO, Simon approached me via LinkedIn last summer and asked if I had any capacity to come and work with him and the board on their brand positioning and a new website. Although I have worked in the recruitment industry for almost 20 years, I hadn’t crossed paths with MRG and having met with Simon over Zoom, I was instantly intrigued and excited by the opportunity.

What projects have you worked on over the past year?

My initial remit was to come in and look at the brand, both in terms of positioning as well as visually. Why does MRG exist as a business and what makes them stand out and how can we clearly articulate that to our audience, were the main questions.

The business celebrated its 15th anniversary a couple of months ago and although they have been incredibly successful in that time, I don’t think they had ever really looked at the brand, what it stood for and what sets them apart from their competitors. They certainly hadn’t visited their values for many years and so it was a perfect opportunity.

They also have a relatively new board and so this project was a great way to get everyone on the same page. Although the team didn’t always articulate their aspirations and USPs for the business in the same way, it was very clear that everyone agreed on the direction and what was needed to get us there.

So how did you all come to ‘Different by Design’?

Well to be honest it was an off-the-cuff remark that I said to Simon one day. Having worked in recruitment marketing for the majority of my 20 year career and having worked for numerous staffing businesses from SMEs to large corporates, I truly felt a different sense-of-being when I walked into MRG. Everyone is genuinely very nice. Nice can be a bland word but I mean it in the best possible way. I’d also say approachable and open. It wasn’t like any other staffing business that I had worked for or consulted for.

Simon’s been working in the recruitment industry for over 40 years but he knows that things move at pace and he’s very open to new ideas but also he’s very traditional in the sense that customer service is key and if something isn’t broken then don’t fix it.

I guess it’s how humble Simon is that resonates through the business and why everyone at MRG is very likeable and easy to work with. We don’t try and over complicate what is genuinely a straightforward offering.

Our processes are data led and unbiased and our people have years of experience and therefore know what our clients and candidates are looking for. Put those two together and you have a recipe for success.


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Watch the below snapshot for a full round-up of how we’re different by design.

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