The Commonwealth Games 2022 and University of Birmingham Partnership

On the year the Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee with 70 years of reign as Head of State & The Commonwealth, the games are coming to one of the fastest growing and largest business districts in the UK, Birmingham. Her Royal Highness and the late Duke of Edinburgh have always championed education and the opportunities that universities provide across the UK, so it is only fitting that the University of Birmingham is a leading partner to the Commonwealth Games 2022.

The University of Birmingham will be the official venue of Hockey and Squash, the largest athletes’ village of the Games, the official catering provider for athletes, spectators, Games Family officials and workforce, as well as playing host to multiple Commonwealth Games Associations at their hotel.

The city of Birmingham is one of great diversity, with large Asian communities across the region. In recent figures from The Office of National Statistics, it was quoted that around 1 in 3 people in the city came from a BAME background. The city takes its responsibility for diversity and inclusion very seriously and this is something that the University of Birmingham also mirrors. The University was founded in 1900 on an anti-discrimination ethos accepting men and women on an equal basis. Today it is a community of over 145 nationalities, and champions the rights of the LGBTQ+ communities and those with disabilities. This was also shown by their nomination for The European Diversity Award in 2018 and their partnership with Amsterdam on a virtual diversity festival in 2021.

The Management Recruitment Group are incredibly proud to partner with the University of Birmingham to support with the recruitment of mid-senior management posts.

We are looking to find a diverse and fully motivated group of managers who will be available to come into an extremely dynamic and exciting working environment for a 3/4 week period in July and August. In order to achieve this, we are working collaboratively with different departments within the University and a number of external channels to source highly capable individuals in this field, whilst gaining references and full accreditation documents. We will also be on site at the games to help with the registration of employees and support the University with the integration into the team.

The Commonwealth Games 2022 will inevitably be one of the most exciting sport and cultural events that the city of Birmingham has ever hosted and both the University of Birmingham and The Management Recruitment Group are very excited to be working in partnership to contribute a small part to the success of it.

If you would like to be involved, please contact James Gregory or Rob Cullum.

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