A sit down with Simon Cheshire

Data shows that approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 45% during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years. Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more.

The Management Recruitment Group is celebrating its 15 year anniversary. We decided it was high time to catch up with Simon Cheshire over a cup of tea and a slice of celebratory cake.

We begin by asking, what do you believe has been at the heart of the business’s success and makes you one of the 25%?

“Wow that’s a difficult one.  Over 15 years it’s probably that we have had to continually evolve and I think we are good that. I think we embrace change. We are always looking for how we can do it better. In the last five years that rate of change has moved at an exponential rate, and we are much better for it.”

It’s tempting to ask what the next 15 years holds for MRG?

“Not sure I can answer that one to be honest. Ask me, what is important for the next three years? I can’t see beyond that says SimonTimescales have changed. Things are evolving so fast that you can’t credibly plan beyond two or three years.

 We ask, what from the last 15 years will MRG bring into the future?

 “Whilst we have learned a lot from every year, the lessons from the last five years are probably some of the best. Embracing flexible working, since even before the pandemic, has seen an increase in employee engagement and well-being. How the individual feels about being part of the team and at work is of paramount importance to all of the MRG leadership. We have grown by 50% over the last five years and much of this is fuelled by our approach to the new world of work.”

Simon continues to explain that MRG has also learned and embraced remote resourcing. In the UK alone MRG has home based Consultants that come into the office one day per week, this is supported through technology such as Teams and changing practices and attitudes to work with interviews and briefings taking place online.

Why lose a talented employee with years of recruitment experience because of their location? You absolutely can live on the Norfolk coast and add value to a London based business.”

MRG can also measure its success by its global expansion. In 2019 MRG opened the first international office in Asia and is looking ahead with two more opening in 2023. There are resourcing teams in Australia and South Africa. By the end of 2023 MRG will be in five continents and therefore able to resource for clients with global talent needs. Simon continues “looking at today – it’s a global world and as our clients operate globally, then so do we”.  MRG keeps the client and candidate at the centre of its approach to doing business and “it makes sense to be on the ground with them”.

Simon finalises our chat (and his cake) by saying that “at the heart of MRG we have always followed a people-focused culture – the people within the MRG team and people the MRG team come into contact with – I believe they are the key to MRGs success”.

 Happy 15th anniversary MRG!

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