Raising Aspirations at Career Day

man speaking in front of classroom of young children

On Wednesday 6th July, our Director Michael Hewlett presented at the Raising Aspirations Career Day at Cherrywood Community Primary School. He talked about careers within facilities management for the pupils in years 4-6. He elaborated on what a job in facilities management entailed and why it’s so vital.

It was a great opportunity to talk about facilities management as a viable career move for pupils amid the more well-known careers of being a vet, lawyer, or doctor.

The takeaway from the session was that the kids are really passionate about buildings. Michael presented on some of our clients which included the estates at the Houses of Parliament, Natural History Museum, and University of Oxford. It’s clear that buildings inspire and play a huge part in a country’s heritage and FM couldn’t be more exciting when you consider the importance that effective FM has on this. They were even treated to a run-through of the WeWork concept. So much so that one child suggested that it was so ‘cool’ and asked “Why don’t you live there?”.

Other presenters included a Marine Conservation Scientist, Nurse and Helicopter Pilot. A lot of competition for property management…

There was a Q&A with some interesting topics including:

  • What is the most dangerous job?
  • Have you ever met Boris Johnson?
  • Who earns more, a footballer or a basketball player?
  • How much was JK Rowling paid for the Harry Potter books?

An eclectic range of questions!

Looking for a career move in Facilities Management? Get in touch with Michael today, for an informal discussion.

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