Harnessing Bee Wisdom for Business Innovation with Izabela Kawczynski

Izabela Kawczynski wears a few hats for us at MRG; she is the Managing Director in Poland, a Professional Development Facilitator at MRG Consult, and an internal trainer. But did you know that she is also a bee enthusiast in her personal life? Corporate life and bees at first seem at total odds, but Izabela has had time to reflect and concludes that there are many similarities, and it is, in fact, the bees that have nailed professionalism!

Here are five reasons we should look to bees for career inspiration!

  1. Bees, often misunderstood as ceaseless workers, spend much of their lives resting. They avoid unnecessary tasks, teaching us the importance of not overexerting ourselves. Like bees, I’ve learned to manage my energy efficiently, taking on only what I can handle. The analogy of energy to money resonates with me—I avoid spending more than I have, preventing the depletion I used to feel.
  2. Bees, always fly forward. In the face of challenges, they don’t lament but act. I share this lesson with clients, helping them overcome inner doubts and take action.
  3. In the bee world and business, embracing mistakes and exploring new paths is crucial. Bees embody fearlessness, thriving since the time of dinosaurs. Their communication skills, cooperation, and focus on the hive’s well-being promote efficient teamwork and crisis management.
  4. Bees guard against toxins, a lesson for us to protect ourselves from work-related stress and toxic influences. Maintaining clear boundaries between work and personal life is essential. Bees’ resilience in storing extra honey for crises teaches us to prioritise self-care, nourish ourselves, prioritise sleep, and seek support from friends during challenging times.
  5. Beekeepers claim that listening to the hive can gauge its health—a humming hive indicates prosperity, while turmoil manifests as increased noise. This principle applies to businesses, where sensing employee interactions provides valuable insights. We can apply this wisdom in our personal and professional lives, listening and assessing the energy around us for a harmonious and prosperous environment.

Izabela is a professional development trainer at MRG Consult. She is a highly accomplished leadership and sales coach, specialising in the real estate sector and senior executive development. With over two decades of expertise in B2B and B2C sales, recruitment, team management, and coaching, Izabela customises tailored development programs for leaders and teams. Her approach emphasises concise and impactful training sessions, designed to yield immediate results.

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