Get to know… Kirsty Hassan

What do you do at Schools Leadership?
I specialise in placing non-academic professionals at senior levels in independent schools with a focus on roles in marketing, admissions, and development.

What are you most proud about that you have achieved in your career to date?
Reflecting on my career, being an AMCIS Fellow and former Chair of the Board stands out. National recognition for successful marketing strategies, such as the transformative rebranding of a school, brings immense pride. This initiative not only refreshed the school’s image but also led to a substantial increase in pupil registrations and conversions.

How did you get into recruitment, and why?
A move into recruitment felt like a very natural choice for me. Having worked at a senior level in independent schools, I understand the challenges they face and possess the knowledge to recruit the right talent for their future success.

What energises you about working in this sector?
The dynamism of the sector is invigorating. Working with a diverse range of schools, assisting in senior management placements, and achieving tangible results make every day fulfilling.

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?
I can speak fluent German!

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
Treat everyone as if they are the CEO.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?
Loyal, strategic and personable.

And finally, who would play you in the movie about your life?
Reece Witherspoon

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