Get to know… Ashley Mathew

What do you do at MRG?

I head up the Malaysian business; focusing on the “Built Environment” sector which covers buildings, infrastructure and transportation with a focus, but not limited to, Engineering and Construction type roles.

How did you get into recruitment and why?

Totally by accident – I went to pitch a corporate business deal when I was doing corporate sales back for the Fitness industry. I pitched the business and after I finished, the office manager suggested I consider a career in recruitment, as they were hiring. I didn’t know anything about recruitment and thought “I’ve got nothing to lose”. I stepped into the world of recruitment and have never questioned my decision since.

What are you most proud about that you have achieved in your career to date?

A few come to mind. The first was singlehandedly setting up the construction recruitment division and being successful at specialised recruitment. The second is knowing that I’ve made a real difference in the life of my candidates. Having been able to create new career opportunities for them with an increment in their salaries makes me very happy.

What energises you about working in this sector?

Everything is project based. Projects equals growth. Growth equals opportunity. Opportunity fuels personal development. I enjoy bringing these opportunities to the candidate market.

What’s the biggest thing that’s changed in recruitment since you started?

In Malaysia, recruitment has changed a lot. Agencies see the value of specialisation and professionalism. How you craft your brand in your specified specialism and how you create the entire process for the candidate and the client elevates you beyond the ordinary.

What do you think the biggest misconception people have about you is?

That I’m a serious person who is an extrovert. A lot of the times, I’m the opposite.

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?

I enjoy reading but rarely tell people what I’ve read.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Wow, this is a hard one. I’ve been blessed with being able to receive a lot of advice over the years, but I will say that “You control your own happiness” is one that has stuck with me for some time now.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?

I think they would be able to answer that better than me! I’ve definitely grown as a person over the years though, so that’s a good thing.

And finally, who would play you in the movie about your life?

Purely based on physical similarities, I would say Amir Khan.

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