Director of Estates roundtable

On the 19th February 2020 at King’s College London, we sponsored our inaugural Director of Estates round table exploring how the Higher Education (HE) estate, buildings and space impacts student experience and wellbeing.

Ian Caldwell of King’s College London and HEDQF started by presenting the latest HE research on student experience and wellbeing. John O’Brien of LCMB then presented their most recent workplace employee experience research and evidence. This was followed by a roundtable discussion involving all participants.

The main themes were:

  • How to balance student experience, wellbeing, cost and estate efficiency (both in terms of space and resource use)?
  • How to make space use more efficient and what relevant data is there to benchmark current performance?
  • How to effectively manage the link between the estate and student/staff experience?
  • How can Directors of Estates and their teams address perception vs. the estate’s actual performance during the student journey through HE?

Full details of the event including the research findings can be viewed here.

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