About Ewa

I am honoured to share my recent appointment as Business Director CEE at MRG Poland. With a rich background in sales, project management, and business development, I am enthusiastic about contributing significantly to MRG Poland's growth within Poland and across the European market.

My career spans over 15 years in commercial real estate, focusing on real estate and infrastructure project development, administrative permitting, zoning regulations, and land acquisition. I have successfully managed complex permitting processes in large-scale infrastructure projects for multinational clients and progressed into developing multiple real estate opportunities across Poland. These experiences highlight my capacity to navigate and succeed in challenging business environments.

In addition to my professional journey, I have lived and worked in the USA and France, which has enriched my global perspective. My time in the USA, particularly in Chicago, where I pursued my BA in International Studies at DePaul University, exposed me to diverse cultures and business practices. Similarly, my experience in France, where I obtained my Masters from Sorbonne University in Paris, provided me with a deep appreciation for European cultures and a proficiency in French.

I bring to MRG Poland ability to cultivate relationships and engage with decision-makers at various levels but also a deep understanding of the local real estate market and the workings of relevant authorities. My linguistic proficiency, being fluent in Polish, English, and French, positions me exceptionally for facilitating cross-border collaborations.
Beyond my professional abilities, I actively participate in NGOs dedicated to global activism and am involved in the Dialogue Forum promoting Polish-Jewish relations. This reflects my dedication to social responsibility and community engagement.
I am excited about the opportunity to contribute significantly to MRG Poland's aspirations in the European market. Feel free to reach out at ewa.esquerra@mrgglobal.com or +48 602 722 622.

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