MRG Global – Destination Poland

MRG Global – Destination Poland
with Izabela Kawczynski

Why Poland?
I’ve always loved Poland, and Warsaw in particular. I first visited the city in the 1980’s, and later settled here in 2004. What struck me is the immense change that Poland and Warsaw in particular has undergone in the last few decades, from an Eastern bloc to a modern European city. I’ve seen it grow into a thriving, exciting modern hub, in part thanks to its growth in real estate and investment in infrastructure.

Establishing an office in Poland was a no-brainer for MRG. A stable, strong G20 country with one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, the Polish economy has maintained strong positive growth rates for a number of years, with it’s annual GDP reaching 4.9% in 2022, supported by the dynamic job market and strong service and industrial sectors, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

Having worked with MRG a number of years ago from their London office, we stayed in touch over the years and I’ve watched the company go from strength to strength. It felt like the perfect opportunity to launch a new European base from which our clients and candidates could connect with the wealth of opportunities in mainland Europe. MRG has always been extremely professional, and has a strong international scope, working on exciting projects across the globe. It felt like the perfect partnership and the right time to expand into the wider European market.

High Demand for Real Estate Professionals
The real estate market in Poland has been growing steadily over the years, with many new projects being developed to meet the growing demand. This has created a high demand for real estate professionals such as agents, brokers, property managers, and developers. It was important to us to establish an office here so we could connect qualified candidates with the right employers. Many of our existing clients have offices here; the likes of CBRE, BNP Parabas, Savills, JLL and Cushman & Wakefield all have established offices in Warsaw.

Warsaw’s skyline has considerably changed over the past 10 years. Out of the 20 tallest buildings in the EU, 6 of them are in Poland – including the Warsaw Spire (2016, 220 metres high), the Warsaw Unit (2021, 202 metres) and Skyliner (2021, 195 metres). The Varso Tower which was built in 2022, standing at 310-metre (1017 ft) tall, is not only the tallest building in Warsaw, but also the tallest building in the European Union.

COVID saw a huge jump in e-commerce growth, which directly impacted the growth of the logistics warehouse market. Poland was already an established logistics hub due to its excellent geographical location, positioned centrally in Europe, plus it’s strong road and warehouse infrastructure meant it was primed for immense growth after the pandemic.

Strong Education System
Poland has a strong education system that produces highly skilled professionals in various fields, including engineering and real estate. With 38 million inhabitants, and one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, the country has over 20 universities that offer degree programs in real estate management, property valuation, and related fields. This means that there is a large pool of local talent which we are excited to connect with, face to face.

Many Polish nationals speak at least 2 other languages aside from their mother tongue; most commonly English, but also German or French. Due to these factors, Polish workers are highly sought after, and many real estate and logistics organisations have offices located here.

Growing Real Estate Industry
The real estate industry in Poland is growing rapidly, with more and more foreign investors entering the market. According to the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), Poland at the end of 2020 was ranked as the third preferred location in Europe for foreign investments. In 2020, it had nearly 200 foreign investments for a total value of EUR 10 billion. (

This presents an opportunity for MRG to expand their reach and work with international clients. As the industry continues to grow, so will the demand for qualified professionals.

We’ve seen jobs becoming more international post-pandemic, with technological advancements and infrastructure meaning many senior candidates can do their job effectively from anywhere in the world. Our global offering has grown immensely since opening our Kuala Lumpur office in 2019, and we have a wealth of international candidates who are open to relocation, and Poland presents a great opportunity for those European offerings. Our clients are here, many of our candidates want to be here – and I’m looking forward to meeting with them.

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