Get to know… Ewa Esquerra

How did you get into recruitment, and why?
Iza Kawczynski, MRG’s Managing Partner for Poland, told me about an open position. MRG was searching for a candidate  who knows the real estate sector and has a developed network of contacts to grow the company’s market presence in the CEE region. Me and Iza worked together in 2012 in a company which I founded specializing in permitting services for oil & gas industry. I was the Project Director leading teams in seismic permitting and Iza was responsible for the recruitment side of the business. I think I will remember the call I made to Iza for a long time as turned out for me a career game changer. So far this opportunity has been a fantastic journey with inspiring people around the globe.

What are you most proud about that you have achieved in your career to date?
In my professional journey, I am proud that  in whichever project, or business endeavour I undertook, I have consistently maintained the highest standards of quality and integrity as an individual and professional.

While my academic background initially prepared me for a different path in international relations and the arts, I unexpectedly moved back to my home country. I had to adapt to new challenging environments. I established my own business and secured key players on the market to deliver complex permitting and land acquisition services in several strategic projects. I concluded each project with references of high recognition and that allows me to sleep well at night. I consider myself a relentless businesswoman with a go-getter attitude.

Above all, I take pride in successfully raising my daughter.  Her unique experience of being born and raised in multicultural environments displays a profound awareness of diversity and inclusiveness so important in globally challenging times.

What energises you about working in this sector?
New and exciting challenge, an honour that I will  work with the best in the sector. I am a people- oriented professional and MRG is highly people- based ecosystem.  Building relationships is like oxygen for me.

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?
I am melancholic and reflective.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
Silence is the best answer. It allows the other person to discover the answer for themselves.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?
Dynamic, relentless, creative, rebellious in nature.

And finally, who would play you in the movie about your life?
Jeniffer Aniston

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