Universities at the crossroads

 How higher education leadership must act to regain the trust of the nation

Interesting research and debate on the future of universities undertaken by Policy Exchange. Their main premise is:

Universities in the UK are not yet in crisis – but they could be if they continue down their current path. In this report, based on over 50 interviews with vice-chancellors, chairs of council and other senior leaders, we set out the steps that university leaders must take if they are to put their institutions on a robust footing and regain the trust of the nation.

This is a wide ranging debate and discussion which highlights once again the importance of looking at a diverse range of professionals when appointing to senior leadership roles in higher education. Very often appointing individuals from outside the sector can provide a fresh approach and perspective.

Challenging issues that must be fully explored and addressed to ensure that the UK’s higher education sector secures it’s global reputation for world class research and teaching.

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