MRG Announcement – We’ve Moved!

“In an epicenter of economic influence, WeWork’s offices for rent in London are a gateway to fresh opportunities.”  – WeWork

When the first pandemic wave hit back in March and we were confined to the four walls of our homes, it gave us a lot of time to consider the communal office experience. We predicted that flexible working would become an expectation in 2020 and beyond, for many industries including our own. We saw that desire within our own teams and wanted to reflect this, and with our office lease coming up for renewal, we had a prime opportunity to reassess whether our office was fit for a post-pandemic world. The executive team at MRG painstakingly mulled over our options over the past few months as we debated what the future of the working space would look like for our team.

One of the main draws for us coming to Wework, was the freedom of working from any of the 800+ locations worldwide, including over 40 in London alone. With colleagues commuting nationally, and offices already established in Manchester and Birmingham, it meant that if people were unable to join us at Head Office, they have multiple locations they can work from, with all the tech and utilities they need to be efficient, in the best possible space for productivity. Flexible working is the buzzword for 2021 and this certainly ticks all the boxes for us.

Walking through the doors of Wework Monument, you are struck by the light and airy feel of the space, the warm and friendly greeting at the front desk, the smell of freshly ground coffee from the barista station. The striking décor is offset by cascading green plants surrounding the balconies, and natural light shines through the floor to ceiling windows.  It strikes you as not only an office space, but a social hub, with private soundproof booths, conference rooms available at the touch of a button for in-person group meetings, and communal breakout areas built into every floor.

It’s the kind of setup that really encourages people to come to work again. Space has a powerful impact on the way people feel and, therefore, the quality of work they’re producing within it. Cleverly designed to boost productivity, morale and build relationships, this dynamic new working space is the antidote to a turbulent and unpredictable year.

We have barely scratched the surface of what our new working space has to offer and are excited to see where it takes us.

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