Lessons from lockdown we can continue with in a Post-Covid world

Lockdown has changed recruitment considerably for both executive search businesses like the Management Recruitment Group through to client side organisations undertaking their own campaigns. Appointing credible and best in class leaders has never been more important and we thought we would share lockdown hints/tips that can be successfully utilised in the Post-Covid world.


We have for many years been utilising ‘flippingbook’ technology and hosting online microsites for the organisations we partner with and represent. It gives the recruiting organisation the chance to embed videos, drone footage of the estate and interviews with key players. With on-site tours being unavailable, this is a vital step in attracting professionals to your organisation.


A vast majority of interviews have been conducted online via Teams and Zoom for both the first and second stage which has made ‘time to hire’ a lot quicker than before with face to face meetings (which are always difficult to juggle with busy diary commitments for the client and candidate). Reducing time to hire will be just as key in the ‘new world’ and we envisage that undertaking that first stage meeting online will still be the preference for most organisations.

Final stage ‘fire side chats’ to discuss offers and negotiate the final particulars of a package can also be undertaken online moving forward which will massively speed up the process.


On-boarding candidates from home has been a logistical feat for employers appointing new staff but IT departments have risen to the task with laptops and mobiles sent to individuals before they start with really in-depth induction schedules.

That first day structure and organisation which has been sometimes lacking in the past will be invaluable in the future when on-boarding individuals on-site. Demonstrating good organisation and structure on day one is a powerful message to send new employees.

The ability to adapt and embrace new technology and patterns of work will be one of the defining factors for businesses in the future. It would be a real shame to return to old ways of working without continuing with some of the innovations that have sprung from lockdown.


Michael Hewlett – Director

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