Project Manager / Sr Manager


Overall responsibility for the delivery of a project or projects within the contractually executed parameters and in accordance with the requirements of the QMS.
Proposal Stage

  • Attend the pre-tender and post tender meetings to review and advise on technical aspects of the prospective project.
  • Prepare the Technical Proposal with the assistance of the Project Director/Commercial team and present to the Operations Director.
  • And all other incidental/related duties.

Pre-Construction Stage

  • Review tender / contract documentation and be aware of all contractual requirements.
  • Ensure pre-construction activities are planned and carried out by the project team.
  • Advise and monitor the preparation of the procurement program (BPS) and construction programme.  Ensure that the BPS reconciles with the construction sequencing requirements.
  • Chair the Project StartUp Meeting(s).
  • Ensure the Construction Manager prepares for the Design Brief Meeting and attends the meeting with the project team.
  • Monitor procurement and trade contractor's selections.
  • Develop the master programme, method statements, resource calculations and site mobilisation / establishment with the Construction Manager.
  • And all other incidental/related duties.

Construction Stage

  • Monitor site progress in relation to contractually agreed terms.  Advise and mitigate project risks.
  • Monitor program and check progress on site.  Ensure any deviations to program are addressed.  Takes responsibility and immediate action for any Extension of Time Requirement.
  • Ensure design information is being managed.
  • Ensure procurement activities are progressed and completed according to program.
  • Ensure project meetings are carried out and documented accurately.
  • Ensure project finance is managed, co-ordinated and reconciled with construction documentation.
  • Ensures proper maintenance of project document and records in accordance with QMS procedures.
  • And all other incidental/related duties.

Completion Stage

  • Chair the 3/4 Completion meeting and review all core aspects and completion activities at this stage.  Oversee the preparation of a micro sequence programme to close out the project.
  • Ensure handover is properly co-ordinated.
  • Ensure a smooth transition between handover and occupation by the client.
  • Ensure application is made and obtained for Certificate of Practical Completion.
  • Ensure the Operation and Maintenance Manual (O&M) is in order and issued to the client.
  • Ensure defects identified by client and consultant as well as building management are managed and closed out effectively and promptly.
  • Ensure application is made to release Building Deposit.
  • Ensure the project is closed out – accordance with the requirements of the QMS.
  • Attends Client Consultant Meeting.
  • And all other incidental/related duties.

Post Completion

  • To conduct Project Post-Mortem
  • To conduct to meet client with the consultant present for a walkover at the end of DLP.
  • Advising consultant / client of making good defects and close out of the project.
  • Managing the Construction Manager resource to address latest defect issues as they arise.
  • And all other incidental/related duties.

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