The Management Recruitment Group worked with the principal asset manager, AXA Investment management, the development management company Lipton Rogers, and JLL, who were consulting on the Design for Management to help the staffing mobilisation of 22 Bishopsgate.

To suit the look and feel of the future asset and subsequent recruitment campaigns for each hire. 22 Bishopsgate was designed to be a building for people, and a large focus was placed on finding the right personality fit for the building and the future occupants. Consequently, on top of MRG’s standard matching matrix for competencies, each candidate undertook a psychometric profiling to assess behaviours and communication and management styles as well as Emotional Intelligence testing.

This included:

  • Timeline planning of hires
  • Costings/Budgets
  • Marketing and brand PR
  • Job Descriptions
  • Interview training

22 Bishopsgate:

  • Head of Site – 22 Bishopsgate
  • Head of Operations
  • Head of Engineering
  • Head of Culture
  • Head of Soft Landings
  • Logistics Manager


  • Development Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Commercial Services Director