Get to know… Amy Hulley

What do you do at MRG?
I am the Regional Director for Africa, responsible for supporting existing Clients as well as establishing further relationships across the African landscape.

What are you most proud about that you have achieved in your career to date?
There isn’t one particular achievement I would single out as my proudest. Placing every candidate and serving every client has been an immense privilege. Each role I’ve worked on holds significance in shaping my career and personal growth.

How did you get into recruitment, and why?
I hold a degree in Psychology, which has always fueled my interest in understanding people and their behaviors. Coupled with my passion for the business world, I stumbled into the field of Recruitment. It has been a field that beautifully connects my interests in both Psychology and Business.

What energises you about working in this sector?
What I cherish most are the amazing relationships I get to build every day. It’s also incredibly rewarding to be a part of our clients’ evolving businesses, especially because they’re shaping the future of technology in so many ways.

What’s the biggest thing that’s changed in recruitment since you started?
Technology for sure. Platforms like LinkedIn have truly enhanced the way I connect with both Clients and Candidates, making the interaction feel more genuine and effortlessly established.

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?
I always dreamt of being a Vet but I quickly discovered during a two-week internship that I just couldn’t handle anything related to blood. I was passing out pretty much every day, so that career choice was pretty much out the window. But thankfully I am surrounded by beautiful animals who fill my cup on a daily basis.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
You teach people how to treat you and that you need to value yourself in order for others to see the same in you.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?



And finally, who would play you in the movie about your life?
Kristen Wigg


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