A career that feels like home

Many of my colleagues often hear me talking about finding a “work home” – but what does that mean and why do I say it?

What is a work home? – I’m hoping it’s fairly self explanatory but I guess more importantly – why do I refer to it as a “work home”?

According to multiple sources, we spend just over a third of our day at work, be that in the office, on Teams/Zoom calls, meetings, networking events etc. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that, for a harmonious life, we must get that balance right. It’s essential to feel relaxed in your office environment, at home with the company ethos, the team, and the relationships around you, including your boss – as well as working with the right clients. You don’t have to be best buddies with everyone necessarily, but you have to be happy and able to engage with them and be accepted for your quirks – and accepting of others!

Many businesses still recruit people purely on the experience. Has the candidate delivered the right projects? Have they got the right sector experience and values? Frequently, they forget the most crucial bit of the puzzle – are they the right fit culturally?

Project Management is a people business, the ability to build relationships, understand the client’s needs and provide alternative and innovative solutions for them. Whilst skills and sector knowledge is important, a good project manager should be able to transfer their experience across sectors.

There are a number of common themes as to why people leave businesses – including lack of career development, relocation and financials, but one that also ranks quite highly is not having the right cultural fit -be it company ethos, the team and of course, the management. I’m a firm believer that there is a work home for everyone. On paper, some businesses may say a project manager is a project manager therefore they will fit into the business, however human nature is not something that can be put down quite succinctly on paper. Each business is different and has a different vibe, and if we were all the same life would be very boring.

I take pride in ensuring that I find you the right “work home”. Not any old home. And as a result, I would rather talk to you about 1 or 2 appropriate roles/ businesses than 20.  I want you to have a successful career at a business you enjoy working for. I am pleased to say many of the candidates I have placed over the years are still at their businesses and I’ve seen their careers flourish. I’m not afraid to tell you if I don’t think your “dream company” is the right fit. Over the years I have met/spoken to candidates who have said they want to work for a specific business and if I don’t think they fit culturally, I’m not afraid to tell them.

I am fortunate to work with clients who appreciate culture is key to their business and attracting the right people to the business, and some of them are self confessed converts with a historic track record of recruiting purely on experience. I am delighted to say I’ve received positive feedback – my favourite one this year has been “the best first day ever” from a senior candidate I placed; and I’m pleased to report they are still happy 3 months on.  I also met with a contact very recently for lunch who I placed 3 years ago,  who said “they can’t imagine being anywhere else now..”

So if you want to find your next “work home”, I currently have a number of excellent opportunities at varying levels. My clients are open to talking with candidates who have the right mentality to learn and develop.

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