22 and 8 Bishopsgate: A Tale of Two Titans – Paving the Way for the Next Building Management Leader

As Danny Lemon’s tenure as the inspirational leader of 22 Bishopsgate draws to a close, the spotlight now shines on the opportunity for a new visionary to step into the role and lead the charge in shaping the future of Real Estate Management. Last month, Matthew Evans got together with the leaders of 22 and 8 Bishopsgate, reflecting on Danny’s journey as Head of 22 Bishopsgate, alongside Tony Grizzanti, Client Services Director at neighbouring skyscraper 8 Bishopsgate, delving into their experiences and the ever-shifting landscape of building management.


From Culinary Artistry to Corporate Leadership: Danny’s Evolution

Danny Lemon’s trajectory from culinary excellence to corporate leadership exemplifies the power of ambition and adaptability. Transitioning from the culinary world to the realm of hospitality, Danny honed his skills in customer service and excellence. His journey led him through prestigious roles, culminating in his influential position as a building leader at 22 Bishopsgate, where his customer-centric approach has left an indelible mark.

“My original background was as a chef,” Danny begins, recalling his humble beginnings. “But I quickly transitioned into room service and hospitality and never looked back for eight years.”

During this time, Danny had the opportunity to work with renowned chefs like Michel Roux, an experience that instilled in him a deep understanding of excellence and attention to detail. “Every moment of the day, you’re on show,” he remarks, reflecting on the high standards demanded in the culinary world.

His career took a turn when he ventured into the property sector,  landing a role at Sainsbury’s head office. “It was a big shift, but I applied the same principles of customer service and excellence,” Danny explains. His success led him to oversee prestigious properties such as The Shard, where he implemented innovative changes to enhance customer experience.

Danny’s journey culminated in his current role as a building leader at 22 Bishopsgate, the 278-metre-tall, people-led smart building, designed to meet the changing needs of the modern occupier and inspire a new way of working. A testament to his ability to thrive in diverse environments and lead with a customer-centric approach.


Charting Unconventional Paths: Tony’s Rise to Prominence

Tony Grizzanti’s journey parallels Danny’s, marked by unconventional beginnings and a relentless pursuit of excellence. “I initially pursued photography, and ended up working at Madame Tussauds,” Tony shares. His role evolved from a weekend job to management, highlighting his natural leadership qualities.

“I was fortunate to work for great mentors who saw potential in me,” Tony reflects, underscoring the importance of supportive leaders in career development. His career took him through various roles, including operations director and head of new openings for Merlin Entertainments Group, before eventually leading major attractions across Europe.

His transition to the real estate sector was marked by a desire for new challenges and opportunities. “I was drawn to the transformation of workplaces and saw an alignment with my skill set,” Tony explains. His role as a building leader allows him to leverage his operational expertise to create exceptional experiences for occupants.

Fostering Collaboration for Success

As leaders in the Real Estate industry, Danny and Tony recognise the importance of adapting to change and fostering a collaborative environment. “Empowerment is key,” Tony emphasises, highlighting the need to trust and support team members at all levels.

Danny confirms this sentiment, emphasising the importance of recognising the contributions of all stakeholders, including service partners, blurring the lines between departments to operate as one cohesive team. “We’re one team, and everyone plays a crucial role. We all form part of the 22 Team, working towards a common purpose, to create a place where people thrive.”

Tony echoes this sentiment, highlighting the need to align service partners with the overarching vision of the building. “It’s about creating a unified brand experience,” he explains. “When occupants interact with our team, they see us as one entity, focused on delivering exceptional service.”

Both leaders stress the need for customer centricity and operational excellence in today’s challenging landscape. “It’s about putting the customer at the heart of everything we do,” Tony emphasises.


Driving Engagement through Multiple Channels

As they reflect on their journey and the future of building management, Danny and Tony remain committed to driving innovation and creating impactful experiences for occupants. In today’s digital age, engaging occupants requires a multi-faceted approach. “We can’t rely on just one channel,” Tony remarks. “From the building app to social media to face-to-face interactions, we need to ensure our message reaches occupants wherever they are.”

Danny agrees, emphasising the importance of authenticity in engagement efforts. “It’s not about gimmicks,” he asserts. “It’s about understanding what resonates with our occupants and delivering meaningful experiences that reflect our brand values.”


Embracing Data and Technology

Both leaders recognise the transformative potential of data and technology in building management. “Data is massive,” Tony states. “It’s about using technology to drive efficiency and understanding occupier satisfaction that allow us to make informed decisions.”

Danny sees technology as a tool to enhance the occupant experience and streamline operations. “From AI to smart building systems, we’re constantly exploring ways to leverage technology for greater impact,” he explains.


Navigating the ESG Landscape

With sustainability at the forefront of industry conversations, Danny and Tony agree that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are paramount. “ESG is no longer a trend—it’s a fundamental aspect of building management,” Tony says, “Occupants expect us to prioritise sustainability and social responsibility.”

Danny sees ESG as a driving force behind operational decisions, from energy management to occupant engagement. “It’s about aligning our practices with broader sustainability goals and driving positive change within our communities,” he concludes.


The Future of Real Estate

“I think data is massive.” Tony remarks, “I think smart tech and the use of data is going to shape the building management domain and in a wider sense, everything we do. In every industry we see Analysts who are able to recommend actions based on research and data, helping to drive the future of businesses.”

Danny , adds that, , “Data plays a crucial role in managing buildings, especially in terms of ESG. The key lies in maximising the potential of Building Management Systems (BMS) and effectively communicating insights to occupants. Empowering them with data paves the way for impactful behavioural changes, driving real progress.”

“Another thing we have to talk about of course is AI”, Tony adds.

Danny suggests, “Because of AI we can automate systems, for example in Singapore they regularly use robot cleaners. Absolutely I think there’ll be an evolution where equipment and technology can help you facilitate you doing your job better. I don’t think it will take away individuals, but it will definitely improve your efficiency.”

Tony agrees, adding, “AI will complement what we do to achieve even better outcomes. However, for me, I think ESG will remain the top topic. When people before spoke about their 2030 game plan it felt abstract. But now it’s essentially needing to happen in five years’ time, which feels far closer. All companies are trying to figure out how they’re going to get there. We’re having many more conversations with our occupiers about understanding energy efficiency and usage within their demises than we ever had before. “

Paving the Way for the next Leader of 22

As Danny Lemon bids farewell to his role at 22 Bishopsgate, the stage is set for a new leader to step into the spotlight and redefine the landscape of property management. Whether they’re a seasoned professional within the real estate realm or bringing expertise from an aligned industry, there’s an opportunity to leave a mark on London’s skyline.

To succeed in this dynamic role, it’s clear that innovation, agility, and the ability to inspire are paramount. The next leader of 22 Bishopsgate must possess a forward-thinking mindset to navigate the complexities of modern building management and future-proof it for the next generation. The next leader of 22 Bishopsgate will not only inherit a legacy of excellence but will also have the opportunity to carve their own path, championing innovation and driving transformative change.



The conversation with Danny Lemon and Tony Grizzanti offers valuable insights into the changing and challenging world of building management. Their collective experiences underscore the importance of adaptability, customer-centricity, and the embrace of technology. Danny’s journey from culinary arts to corporate leadership highlights the power of ambition and the transferability of skills across industries. Tony’s rise from the entertainment industry to real estate prominence illustrates the impact of mentorship and the value of diverse career paths.

Key takeaways from their discussion include the necessity of collaboration, the importance of empowering team members, and the critical role of ESG considerations in today’s industry. Both leaders emphasise the need for a multi-faceted approach to occupant engagement and the transformative potential of data and technology.

As they pave the way for the next generation of building management leaders, Danny and Tony leave us with a clear message: Success in this field requires innovation, agility, and a relentless focus on delivering exceptional experiences. Their stories inspire future leaders to navigate the complexities of modern building management with vision and resilience, ensuring sustainable and impactful progress.


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