Head of Sales and Marketing (Real Estate)

Head of Sales & Marketing (Real Estate)

Job Overview:
As the Head of the combined business units, you will spearhead both the sales and marketing teams. This high-impact role demands a visionary leader who can synchronize both departments to achieve ambitious business goals, amplify brand visibility, and drive exceptional sales performance. Your strategic insight will be pivotal in merging marketing strategies with sales objectives, propelling our market presence and deepening customer engagement.

Key Responsibilities:
– Craft and articulate comprehensive strategies that seamlessly integrate sales and marketing efforts, aligning them with overarching business goals.
– Establish and drive the execution of clear, ambitious sales targets and marketing objectives.
– Utilize data-driven insights to forecast sales performance and measure marketing impact, steering strategic decisions.

– Lead, mentor, and inspire the combined teams of Sales Managers, Sales Executives, and Marketing professionals.
– Rigorously evaluate performance across both departments, ensuring alignment with core values and strategic objectives.
– Foster a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

– Ensure seamless integration and accuracy of data management across sales and marketing platforms.
– Leverage advanced data analytics to refine and optimize sales and marketing strategies, enhancing decision-making and reporting.
– Drive initiatives to extract actionable insights from unified sales and marketing data.

– Streamline and oversee the end-to-end processes within sales and marketing to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
– Promote synergy between sales and marketing teams to ensure cohesive campaign execution and superior customer journey experiences.
– Collaborate with other department heads to ensure seamless interdepartmental processes and optimization.

– Proactively identify and address interdepartmental challenges, ensuring alignment of sales and marketing strategies.
– Effectively manage and resolve conflicts within and between sales and marketing teams.

– Implement regular performance reviews and strategic alignment sessions across sales and marketing.
– Oversee the preparation and delivery of comprehensive reports on sales and marketing performance.
– Lead strategic meetings, such as quarterly conferences, to maintain focus on key achievements and future objectives.

Values Alignment:
– Innovation: Champion cutting-edge practices in both sales and marketing to stay ahead of market trends.
– Growth: Drive continuous growth and development across both departments.
– Empowerment: Empower team members to take initiative and drive their contributions to success.
– Empathy: Ensure that sales and marketing strategies resonate with and meet the genuine needs of the target audience.
– Fun: Cultivate a dynamic, positive work environment that celebrates success and encourages creativity.
– Speak Up: Promote a culture of transparency and open communication within and between teams.
– 110%: Inspire teams to surpass expectations and deliver outstanding results in both sales and marketing efforts.

Job Requirements:
– Extensive senior leadership experience within sales and/or marketing, ideally in the real estate or property development sectors.
– Proven track record in leading and integrating sales and marketing teams.
– Expertise in using advanced CRM and marketing automation tools.
– Exceptional analytical skills for market analysis, forecasting, and budget management.
– Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills for effective stakeholder management.
– In-depth understanding of the Malaysian property market dynamics and consumer behavior.
– Proficiency in Mandarin is advantageous.

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