Delivering a Multi-Hire Real Estate Campaign with MRG

At The Management Recruitment Group (MRG), we coordinate multi-hire campaigns, working closely with clients to appoint leadership teams. In one campaign in 2023, we recruited key roles for The Whiteley on behalf of the world-renowned Savills.

Today, we discuss how this campaign was delivered with Emilia Fasano, Business Director in the real estate team at MRG.

Please first tell us a little bit about The Whiteley.

The Whiteley is a redevelopment of an architecturally stunning building in West London, which Londoners with long memories will remember as a department store.

The redevelopment includes luxury private residences, the first Six Senses Hotel & Spa in the UK and top-of-the-range retail and food and beverage outlets.

Savills directs the Property Management of this prestigious site, and I have enjoyed working collaboratively with them on this campaign.

What has been your role at The Whiteley?

I am part of a team that has helped Savills build the leadership team at The Whiteley. This team will be the public face of the development, delivering world-class service and ensuring that The Whiteley is one of the most premium developments in the UK.

As someone passionate about living and working in London, I’m fascinated by this type of project, and I’m proud to be part of the team that delivers it.

What’s the first step in delivering a successful multi-hire campaign?

I strongly believe in organising and planning a precise schedule. A transparent timeline from the offset helps our clients understand when the hires will be in place. It allows us to provide a clear workflow and meet all stakeholders’ expectations.

If we are working on recruitment for a specific asset, this agreed timeline means we can work backwards from the ‘PC’ date and understand when the client needs to start the recruitment campaign.

The timeline also helps with candidate engagement; no one is left ‘hanging’ for too long, waiting for other people to interview, and they can plan for interviews, meaning it is easier to manage their work and home lives.

What role does Marketing play in the success of a multi-hire campaign?

The Savills Marketing team provided great branding, which we used within our communications.

For example, we create a candidate brochure or ‘Flipping Book’ with Savills branding. These are excellent means to communicate the unique assets and projects they are working on. The role and opportunity come alive in these brochures for the candidates, and in their own time, they can be fully briefed on the role and understand the opportunity presented to them. Here is an example of a recent Whiteley Flipping Book:

Marketing also helps us track engagement, source of application, reach, click-through, and more! These measurements help us and our clients make more intelligent decisions about future campaigns to increase the overall ROI of your recruitment marketing initiatives.

We can give feedback to our clients at the end of the campaign on how much engagement the role has had. This analysis also helps us understand market trends and prepares us for the following position within the campaign.

What are the benefits of carrying out a multi-campaign role?

There is a higher chance of delivering the best fit for the role. With a multi-hire campaign, we get to know the personalities of all of the people involved, and it allows us to build a team that will work together to become a success.

For The Whiteley, customer service and experience were a high priority, as it was a luxury development. We, therefore, had to look at the positives and challenges of recruiting from different candidate pools. We used key competencies to explore candidates outside of Real Estate with transferable and desirable skill sets.

Many Real Estate clients see the benefits of looking at candidates from different backgrounds who bring a fresh and innovative approach to the job. Another example of where this has been a success was the recruitment of Tong Grizzanti into the role of General Manager at 8 Bishopsgate for Savills.

Finally, a multi-hire campaign offers deeper collaboration with our clients and the scheme and better evaluation throughout the process. We end up selecting the right candidate for the role. A dedicated, exclusive relationship means the client spends less time passing the job spec around and more time developing and exploring the candidate requirement with us. It’s a more robust and mutually beneficial relationship than a contingent search.

Thank you to Emilia Fasano for sharing your experience with us.

Emilia has over eleven years of experience in the recruitment industry. She works in the real estate advisory team, collaborating with agents and property companies. She manages the placement search process and focuses on the delivery aspect of multi-hire campaigns.

MRG’s real estate team carried out several high-profile multi-hire leadership campaigns in 2023, including: 

REM – Shard Quarter
General Manager, The Shard
General Manager, Shard Place
Operations Director, REM UK
Head of Residential, REM UK
Property Management Surveyor, REM UK
General Manager, Park House

JLL – 20-22 Ropemaker
General Manager
Head of Operations
Head of Engineering

JLL – 40 Leadenhall
Head of 40 Leadenhall
Head of Engineering
Head of Operations
Head of Soft Landings Manager 

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